Redneck Incorporated


After playing in rock bands and clubs across the country over the years, Joe grew tired of the rock scene and fell in love with the country music he was raised on. He has been a songwriter for many years. Along with writing material for the band, he is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association. Joe has since started his own publishing company to provide songs to some of Nashville’s biggest stars.


Erin has been playing fiddle since the age of eight following in the tradition of her grandfather and great grandfather. In fact, her great grandfather made the violin she plays today. Classically trained and a love for country music, the fiddle makes Erin a big part of Redneck Incorporated. Her vocals and stage energy has become our not so secret weapon and a fan favorite.


Sporting Bieber hair, tight shirts, and a Grateful Dead attitude, Mike's attention to detail adds the fullness found on many of today’s country hits. Not only a great guitarist but a talented sound man, and adding another sound engineer to the family has brought joy to those who love studio recording.


When Kris was just a kid, her mom had to turn up John Denver's "Country Roads" every time it came on the radio and she'd sing at the top of her lungs from the backseat. Not much has changed, she is still singing from the top of her lungs. Performing has become a reality for her and she's been rockin ever since. Kris loves Kenny, Keith, Alan and Patsy Cline. A good Ol'fashion Redneck Woman!


KB has a music degree and graduated cum Laude from Cuyahoga Community College. He has won the Cleveland Icon award from the Cleveland Entertainment Coalition. Not only does he love playing guitar, he loves Guitars! He shares his knowledge by teaching guitar and bass. He was recently bestowed with the Cleveland Icon Award for teacher of the year.


Scott has been playing the drums and percussion for most of his life. He spends most of his time playing and teaching. He is a great and precise talent and anchors the rhythm section of the band. Scott also plays the steel drums, which are included on one of Redneck incorporated's earlier releases.